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The mission of the Prestwick Preservation Society is to uplift the community through historical research, education and commemorative events; charting the road ahead by preserving the past


Ms. Micki Savage, President  

Rev. Richmond Chaney, Vice President 

Mrs. Kathy Etheredge, Secretary

Dr. Joannee P. Barnes, Treasure


Prestwick Preservation Society Advisory Board

Dr Ralph Eubanks

Dr Mark Wilson

Bishop Nathaniel Henry & 

Mrs. Priscilla Henry

Ms. Joyce Hogi

Joyce King Hogi,

Joyce King Hogi, a child of the greater Prestwick community and 1961 graduate of Prestwick High School, left in 1963 and relocated to New York City; but her heart remained in her hometown of Leroy, Alabama.

After a brief flirtation with show business, she entered the corporate world after rearing her three children. Joyce was Director of Event Operations for the American Kennel Club; responsible for the approval and records retention of all dog shows held in the 50 states and Puerto Rico. Following her retirement, she assisted in the successful opening of the Walmart store in Jackson.

Dismayed by the dissolution of her beloved high school, Joyce set about honoring this institution. She found a like-minded ally in Mrs Virginia “Micki” Savage, who brought enormous energy and ideas to form our vision. Many others followed and The Prestwick Preservation Society was launched. With gratitude, Joyce serves on the advisory board.

Prestwick Preservation History

The Prestwick Preservation Society was recognized by the State of Alabama as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2019. PPS’ first project was the development of Prestwick Preservation Park. The Park was designed and blue-printed by Virginia Micki Savage, President of the organization.

Rev. Richmond Chaney, Robert Chaney, Darnell Johnson, Jackie Roy Johnson, Jack "Butch" Yelder, Mint J. Reed, David Robertson, Connor Etheredge, Carlos & Gregg Savage cleared the property and the developing began. The next phase was the placement of the historic marker. The marker commemorates a local historic Rosenwald School, Prestwick High School, (which no longer stands). The marker also commemorates the old Prestwick Post Office.

The Prestwick Park Project, a separate and distinct entity, hosted a gathering of Prestwick High School Alumni, recognizing the 50th Anniversary of the closing of the historic Rosenwald School. Former students of Prestwick High School planned their celebration for May 11, 2019, which coincidentally was the same day for the Prestwick Preservation Park unveiling. Sharing the May 11, 2019 date reinforced the strong, collective commitment to ensure that the history of the Prestwick community is preserved for generations to come.

Prestwick Preservation Society in collaboration with Ms. Cooper and the Chanticleer Learning Center invited the former students of Prestwick High School to join us after their School Reunion Celebration for our Park Dedication and Unveiling Ceremony. Having the Prestwick High School alumni as our special guests was truly a historic moment in local and State History.


On May, 11, 2019, the Prestwick Preservation Society dedicated the Prestwick Preservation Park and unveiled a Historic Marker in commemoration of Alabama's Bicentennial and the 50th Anniversary of the closing of a local Rosawald School.

Along with Prestwick Preservation Society, former students of the local Rosenwald School (Prestwick High School) were present to witness the unveiling of Washington County's "First African American Historic Marker", placed in the "First African American History Park" in Prestwick, Alabama.

Prestwick Preservation Park is also the First Park in the County and possibly the state designed and managed by an African American woman, Virginia Micki Savage. 

This events took place on the Bicentennial year of Alabama, in the First established County in Alabama (Washington) "The County Where Alabama Began"  and was coordinated by the Prestwick Preservation Society, the First African American Society in Washington County dedicated to preserving local Black History.

Students of the Chanticleer Learning Center, Opelika, AL

Ms. Cooper and others were instrumental in the sponsorship of PPP and the Lee County Youth Development Class were very instrumental in the placement of the Park's first Historic Marker. 

The students were presented with a grant in honor of Alabama's bicentennial, given to complete this historic project. The Historical Marker honors Prestwick High School, a Historic Rosenwald School

Preserving our history

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